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客户:上海外滩18号 / 时间:2009 / 二千多片"雪花"悬挂在外滩十八号的大厅上空,酷似三棵倒立的圣诞树从天而降,寓意“圣诞到了”,正如倒“福”在中国文化中的处理方式。而每片雪花又是用“圣诞快乐”四个中文字组合而成的雪花图案。

Installation/ Client: Bund18

Client: Bund 18

Time: 2009

Over two thousand individual snowflakes in the shapes of four Chinese characters meaning Merry Christmas hovering over the main entrance hall of Bund 18, and three upside down Christmas trees descending from the sky. As “dao”, the character for upside-down in Chinese shares the same phonetic pronunciation with that of the character for arrival, Chinese often turn auspicious words upside down to bring in fortune and luck during traditional holidays.