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十五年视觉传播专业研习,将专业字形标志设计与品牌策略的结合是我们的工作特色。在过去的二十余年,我们服务了诸多国际国内著名品牌和机构。 二十余年本土与国际著名品牌案例操作实战经验/字形与标志对品牌长期策略的视觉表达/革新与突破性的综合设计实验/当代艺术在设计领域中的尝试/

Logo and Typography

SHTYPE specializes in creative Chinese typography and provides clients with strategic brand consultation services. What makes SHTYPE unique is its professional knowledge of typography and superior branding strategies. The company is proud to list clients below. What we can do: combine the art of Chinese typography and strategic thinking; with more than fifteen years of design experience working with international and local clients, we are able to achieve a deep understanding of the structure and creative process behind Chinese typography and its unique relationship with a product, a brand, or a company. With our drive to innovate and test experimental typography, we are able to mesh both contemporary and traditional art forms into our design, creating a sense of universality in the visual domain.