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“没关系”是艺术家记录日常生活的一种方式,就像日记。当红网络新闻、热播电视剧、街角的普通人,这些人或事看起来相互无关地独立在各自的时空中,却同时出现在艺术家身边。该作品于2010年2月在赫尔辛基Lasipalatsi gallery,同年5月在上海静安寺 A-SOCIETY GALLERY 展出。

No Matter

“No Matter” is a collective expression of scenes from our daily lives, the artist attempts to use the practice of a pictorial diary to rethink the relationship between artistic creation and ordinary daily lives. Web news, city corners, street impressions, a fleeting moment, seemingly unconnected pictures maybe whispering a collective story. More: