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客户:胡润百富 / 时间:2008 / 朋友胡润有一个概念“如毛知道”,但是他不知道如何表现出来,时值《胡润百富》“百富榜”十周年和改革开放三十周年,字研所的创意是将先前的改革开放30周年的文字图像用青花釉下彩的方式描绘在典型的毛泽东大挥手上,三十个陶瓷大挥手一字排开,诉说着这一段特殊的历史情怀。

If Mao Only Knew for Hurun Report

Client: Hurun Report

Time: 2008

Commissioned by Hurun Report to make a large installation for the gala dinner celebration that marks the 10th anniversary of the Richest People in China List. As the occasion also coincides with the 30th year of China’s opening up and subsequent economic reform, the creative process was filled with rich historical context. Through extensive research into key events and trends in each individual year of the past three decades, we were able to condense history into various symbols, slogans, and pictures. They were then painted onto thirty outstretched hands of Chairman Mao and made into a large porcelain installation that tells the dramatic change witnessed ring this unprecedented historical time period.