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客户:保时捷 / 时间:2008 / 当保时捷委托我们定制一款限量版礼品时,我们将精美的传统陶瓷工艺和世界顶级奢侈品牌结合在一起,这种并置似乎在诉说着某种跨时空的文化共鸣:行云流水天地间。

Ceramic Design for Porsche

Client: Porsche /  Time: 2008

Traditional Chinese art is an ocean of knowledge waiting to be revived, inviting us to learn from it and to use it . When Porsche commissioned a limited edition gift for its customers, we combined the essence of traditional porcelain craftsmanship and the form of an iconic sports car, resulting in a sense of synergy that crossed culture and time.