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客户:世博会芬兰馆 / 时间:2010 / 二零一零年五月一日,芬兰馆“冰壶”正式开馆。这座来自北欧的建筑,带着北欧特有的纯美与简约倒影在一片水面中。芬兰馆正门口和贵宾入口旁的水中分别安置了两块不同形态的太湖石,石头上天然的洞眼,像是经历了冰川世纪的冲刷,与芬兰馆的建筑理念形成一种灵性对话。大石上刻“芬兰 ”二字。在芬兰馆中庭,则安置了一块表面较为平整的大石,上书“冰壶”。它实际上是一块可以在上面用水书写灵感的习字石,来宾可以在中庭仰观变幻莫测的云天,在石头上用水畅写这美妙的时光。

Chinese Sign/Client: Finnish Pavilion in 2010 SH EXPO

Client: Finnish Pavilion

Time: 2010

Commissioned by the chief architect of Finnish Pavilion Teemu Kurkela, we began to design the Chinese gate sign for the pavilion. We decided that the ideal sign for the pavilion should not look like a sign at all, because the building itself exudes purity and simplicity. After visiting the pavilion, we decided to use three natural giant boulders instead of something artificial. The typography of the Chinese characters for Finland and Curling Stone originally came from the works of a famous Chinese calligraphy master, put into a new modern layout and combined with the blue and green color scheme that represents the purity of Finland’s natural splendor to create a dialogue between Chinese calligraphy and Finnish design.