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客户:尊尼获加 / 时间:2011 / 应邀为尊尼获加设计的新年限量礼品包装图案。尊尼获加永远向前的精神和东方书法艺术的跨时空碰撞是这款设计的灵感来源。 用文字构建出的行走小人在电子媒体技术的演绎下,呈现出绚烂多彩的时代气氛。

Digital Calligraphy for Johnny Walker

Client: Johnny Walker

Time: 2011

Commissioned by Johnny Walker as a limited-edition packaging to celebrate the 2011 New Year, the brand’s motto of “keep walking” collided with Chinese calligraphy that gave inspiration to this design. With the assistance of electronic media, Chinese characters are transformed into walking figures, creating a brilliant atmosphere that transcends time and tastes.