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客户:世界自然基金会 / 时间:2009 / 这款瓷盘设计是受世界自然基金会的委托,专门为贵宾定制的礼品。品质上乘的传统青花瓷盘历来是收藏界的珍品,也是这次创作的灵感来源。我们借鉴了传统青花瓷盘的构图和布局,用上百个动植物剪影组合起来,创造了这个和谐世界。这个世界即传统又现代,这个世界和平、美好。

Ceramic Design/ Client: WWF

Client: WWF

Time: 2009

This series of porcelain plates was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund as gifts for their VIP guests. Using traditional Blue and White porcelain techniques to realize a contemporary design, we borrowed the structural layout of the porcelain art form and combined it with hundreds of wild animal silhouettes to create a harmonious world; one that is both traditional and modern, peaceful and wonderful.