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客户:世界自然基金会 / 时间:2009 / 为世界自然基金会设计海报。很喜欢这个系列的概念“我们不只是拯救熊猫”。如何将熊猫和其他需要拯救的物种结合起来,成了设计的重点。通过简约的黑白来表现主题。最终的作品简洁,而令人印象深刻。

Saving Panda is not our only mission/ Client:WWF

Client: WWF

Time: 2009

Commissioned by the World Wildlife Fundation to design a series of advertising posters. The main concept behind this series: “We save more than just Pandas” gave us great freedom in creativity, and we focused our efforts toward the key area of building up a relationship between the Panda and other endangered species. In the end we chose to use simple black and white cutouts of animal forms to create an aesthetically clean final design, one that gave a strong impression to the viewer and won multiple international awards.