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客户:芬兰革新设计周 / 时间:2012 / 芬兰革新设计周是上海设计周的合作项目,2012赫尔辛基世界设计之都的官方子项目,是2012中欧文化对话年的一部分。荧光粉红象征快速发展的中国现状,清新蓝色代表芬兰的设计智慧。交叉的图形结构表达了中芬协作的创新精神,背景中的不同圆形元素是2012赫尔辛基设计之都视觉概念的延续,是灵感、快乐和圆满的体现。不同个性的中文字体诠释了不同的活动日的主题。

Visual Identity/ Client: Radical Design Week 2012

Client: Radical Design Week

Time: 2012

Radical Design week is an official part of the Shanghai D-Week 2012, part of Official World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 Program, part of the EU-China Intercultural Dialogue Year Program. The RDW visual identity reflects collaboration and innovation. In addition to the main identity, we designed icons for RDW2012’s individual themed events, with each icon reflecting the theme in English and Chinese typography and with a similar structure of overlapping Chinese and English. The handmade Chinese typography, in particular, encourages the viewer to rethink Chinese typography. An endless visual net builds up when the icons are displayed together.