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客户:中国美术学院现代书法中心 / 时间:2011 / 为著名现代书法家王冬龄先生设计《书法道》一书,着重突出王老师的现场书写和当代书法实验的精神。

The Way Of Calligraphy

 Client: CAA Morden Calligraphy Center/Time: 2011

Calligraphy represents a part of Chinese culture and also is the core of traditional Chinese arts. Even though today Chinese people no longer need a writing brush in their daily life, as it has been replaced by the computer keyboard, Chinese characters. It can also be said that calligraphy deciders the aesthetic form, approach and style of Chinese people. The Aesthetic needs for Chinese charters bring about the everlasting popularity of Chinese calligraphy. Since the beginning of the 21st century, adverting calligraphy has become a popular way of improving the artistic qualities of Chinese people as well as a way of strengthening the influence of Chinese culture on the world.